Pinner & Ruislip Beekeepers’ Association helps current and future beekeepers as well as promoting public awareness of the necessity, value and benefits of the honeybees.
These amazing little creatures have now provoked an interest unequalled by any other insect because they are vanishing at an alarming rate all over the world.

Did you find our site because you are interested in being a beekeeper, curious about the problems facing honeybees or wanting someone to check out the big group of bees in your garden? Could it be that you just want to buy some delicious local honey?  Our  Association honey is not refined so it still contains a lot of pollen which can be good for hay-fever sufferers. Check our Honey Sales page for details of where to purchase it. For whatever reason we hope you find something that will be useful to you.

Reflection - 1st at  National Honey Show 2013 - Photo Penny Perry

We enjoy beekeeping immensely and are not put off by the challenges that impact beekeeping today.  We encourage new people to become beekeepers thus aiding honeybees in their ongoing battle against parasitic mites, other pests and diseases. But we can’t do it alone!  Even if you do not have the time or the inclination for beekeeping there are many other ways you can help honeybees and other pollinating insects.   These industrious little insects have evolved alongside flowering plants over millions of years, fulfilling a major role in the food chain by pollinating fruit, vegetable and seed crops. It would affect us all if they disappeared.

Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding hobby and nothing gives greater pleasure than eating your own honey. A new world awaits you in the study of the bees themselves, the workings of the hive and the bees role in the environment. (see article: So you would like to keep bees.)

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Most of the photographs on this site have been taken by members of our association.
Most of the articles were written by Penny Perry