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   Feb 09


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You can buy Local Honey at our clubhouse (enquiries to
See opening times, directions and map further down this page.

Sue Ryan, Secretary


Alastair Fischbacher, Membership Officer

Alan Husbands, Education Officer


Please check insect identification of the bees on our web page ‘Bees & Other insects
and also check Advice on Swarms as that page has photos of honeybees.

If they are definitely honeybees then please contact one of our swarm collectors. The collectors will relocate honeybees but unfortunately we cannot do that for bumblebees or solitary bees.
Quite often the ‘bees’ will turn out to be wasps which will have to be dealt with by a pest control company.

If they are bumblebees or solitary bees they are usually non-aggressive and best left alone to live out their short lives. Bumblebees usually have about 200 bees in their nest and they would die out around September.

If the bumblebees are in a bird box it could be possible to move them to a different area in your garden. To relocate them a long distance away from your garden is really a no-no as they rarely survive.
Check out this link to see how to move them.

If the bumblebees are in an attic, it would be impossible to relocate them.

Please remember that honeybees and bumblebees are protected species. They both are excellent pollinators.

Our club house is at:

The Corbell Beekeeping Centre, Glovers Grove, Ruislip, HA4 7JT

Please don’t go by the postcode alone but refer also to the map.
When you turn into Glovers Grove – drive down past Allonby Drive and past Greystoke Drive. We are on the corner just before Glovers Grove turns left. You can’t miss the double metal gates.

We are open every Sunday morning 11am – 1pm (summer) 11.30am – 1pm (winter). Here members socialise over a cuppa and a warm welcome awaits you as a visitor or as a prospective new member.

This is a good place to come to see if you would really like to keep honey bees. You can get some advice from members who are always keen to pass on their knowledge and experiences.  We no longer have hives here, but may be able to arrange for you to see one another day!

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