New Shed and Queen Rearing Project

Back in 2021 we had the opportunity to apply for a grant from CNOOC International Ltd., a company based in Aberdeen but with offices locally in Uxbridge as well, for help with beekeeping projects. We elected to apply for a storage shed for equipment, to be located at the Bungalow apiary site and for two full hives to be used for the prospective queen rearing project that we hoped to (re)start.

We were delighted that at the end of 2021 we were advised by CNOOC that we had been successful in our application for a total grant of £3,000. With the funds in hand we set about acquiring the shed and hives. The shed was intended to be erected for us, but access to the Bungalow site did not make this easy. It was also decided that the queen rearing project would be located at the Coppermill apiary, and in this case storage would be needed at Coppermill for this. The shed was ordered (as were the hives). Members assisted with the levelling of ground at Coppermill, the construction of a base and the erection of the shed itself. This was not an easy task as it transpired that some shed parts were incorrect – but it was all resolved.

The shed is now in use at Coppermill. It has queen rearing items, a bench, rack and room for more (which is always good). The queen rearing project is well underway with suitable colonies selected, grafting done and new queens being raised. Many thanks to everyone involved in all the preparation and those taking part in the project, led by Richard Wloch.

Our grateful thanks to CNOOC International who, through their kind donation, have made it all possible. The shed and hives are just what we needed to get this underway.