Why we want you!
With all the problems facing our honeybees it is more important than ever before to have dedicated beekeepers who can manage these problems and work tirelessly to keep our bee populations strong, healthy and plentiful.By keeping bees (apiculture) you will be making a vital contribution to the environment from wild areas to farming and many gardens. This is a small but extremely important aspect of agriculture.In 1970 there were about 32,000 beekeepers in the UK but by 1990 the numbers had dropped to around 10,000. Many beekeepers had given up due to varroa mite infestations which wiped out many of their honeybee colonies. It took several years to develop treatments to control these infestations, and now with massive public interest due to TV programmes and newspaper articles, there are over 20,000.Looking after the bees requires a good knowledge of their upkeep. Bees in the wild have been infested with mites called varroa and have largely died out so now the only honey bees we have here in quantity are ones that are kept alive by beekeepers who know how to look after them.
Beekeepers are a strong community of people and have, between them, a wealth of information. By joining a club you will have access to all this knowledge.


Includes:  *BBKA capitation (including third party & products liability insurance cover , BBKA News Magazine monthly), and full association voting rights.

PARTNER BEEKEEPING MEMBERSHIP   £25.00 (partner member living at the same address as a full beekeeping member)
Includes: Full association voting rights, BBKA capitation as above but not BBKA News Magazine,

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (non beekeeping)   £15.00
Includes: Full association voting rights. Does not include use of extractor or any beekeeping equipment

PARTNER ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (non beekeeping)    £10.00
As for Associate.


Beecraft magazine – Digital only or Printed & Digital – ask for subscription prices

Hive space rental at Coppermill apiary subject to availability

*BBKA Capitation – All clubs make a donation to the governing body British Beekeepers Association to contribute towards it’s running costs.

For any enquiries or a Membership Application form please email the Membership Secretary